What 100 Men Giving 100 Percent Can Achieve

December 20, 2017

What 100 Men Giving 100 Percent Can Achieve

It’s been three years since 100+ men (and women) from the local business community came together to give back. These men clearly do give a damn. The positive impact that has followed from their actions is proof of their commitment to their community.

The Edmonton-based organization, 100MenYEG, first gained their inspiration from 100 Men Calgary. In the beginning, the goal was simple: bring together 100 men in Edmonton who care about local community causes, and are committed to charitable service.

The first meeting was held in October 2014. And two weeks before the group even gathered they had exceeded their goal of finding 100 like-minded men who give a damn.

Today, the group is the epitome of efficiency. There is no board, no joint stocks, no registration, no treasurer, no income and no expenses. Every penny goes to the selected charity – the 100 Men YEG group simply facilitates the donations to the groups in need. These men have given 100 percent back to the community, and it shows.

What 100MenYEG Has Accomplished

Ever since that first meeting, the group has diligently met four times a year to vote for a local charity or not-for-profit, and write their $100 cheque to the selected organization. The accumulated benefit of having so many generous people giving to local community causes means a lump-sum donation exceeding $10,000 to four different community groups every year. It’s never easy to select the charities to donate to, but here is quick summary of what our 100+ men have achieved in 2017 alone:

  • The Edmonton Down Syndrome Society: was provided a substantial Audio/visual system to teleconference with nursing students, daycare providers, health clinics, and families in small communities.
  • The Pilgrims Hospice Society: received the necessary funding to continue quality care for those facing the end of life, as well as to support their families and the bereaved.

Perhaps SACE said it best:

Your support and donation has echoed our agency’s message to our community that “we can all do something.”

– Mary Jane James, Executive Director 

The individuals from the local business community that have donated to 100MenYEG have upheld that Edmonton is still the City of Champions. Indeed every member is a local hero for regularly donating to local groups — doing good deeds, for those in need.

If you want to be a local hero too — join us!

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